3 Symptoms Of Depression

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Depression is a common mental disorder that millions of people around the world suffer from. There are many ways that this illness can be treated such as through counseling, psychotherapy and medication. We will now look at a few symptoms of this debilitating disorder.

One common symptom is a change in sleep patterns. If you’re depressed, you may find yourself sleeping too much or too little. This means that you sleep for over 10 – 12+ hours per night and still want to stay in bed. Alternatively, if you can’t sleep, you may only get less than a few hours of sleep per night.

Another symptom is a lack of desire to do things you previously enjoyed. Depression sucks the joy out of life and the activities that you typically enjoy, become uninteresting.

Lastly, the final symptom that we will look at are thoughts of death and suicide. Unfortunately, many people with depression want to escape this world and their depression through suicide. So, if you or anyone you know is contemplating suicide, seek help as soon as possible.

Depression is a very serious mental illness and anyone can develop it. Therefore, it is important that you pay attention to your mental health to avoid or quickly treat this illness (and start asking yourself why do i need life insurance).