What Is Stock Chart Reader ?

You want simple, straightforward, easy-to-use stock market information. But everywhere you look – online, TV, print – there’s a mountain of insanely complicated information about the stock market.

And many of the big names and stock market gurus out there say you should learn stock charts and technical analysis.  But they don’t do much to help you understand all their complicated methodologies and indicators that no normal person with a busy life would ever have time to learn.

If you’re frustrated by smarty-pants market advisors who are more interested in showing off than in helping you, I completely understand. My name is Kate Stalter. I started Stock Chart Reader because I’ve seen way too many times how confused and discouraged beginning investors become when trying to understand the stock market.

Like you, I’m super busy with work, family, friends, and life in general. But I had an advantage that most investors don’t have: I was fortunate enough to spend 10 years working with one of the world’s most noted and most successful stock investors. I produced a popular Daily Stock Analysis video that taught new and intermediate investors how to use stock charts. I also taught investing seminars around the country, and wrote articles and columns focusing on top-performing growth stocks.

Currently, I have the honor and privilege of being a columnist for The Street.

During the past decade, I learned how to identify the best growth stocks before big price run-ups, and how to tell when these stocks were flashing sell signals. That was an invaluable education, and I’ve always enjoyed sharing what I learned with other investors.

Sadly, I’ve also had plenty of opportunity to see how the odds are really stacked against the at-home investor. It’s time-consuming and difficult to learn all the nuances of successful investing, and chart reading alone takes years to master — and that’s if you’re giving it daily attention! Actually, that’s not entirely true: Chart reading not only takes years to master, but it takes years to even understand the basics!

Understandably, people get totally overwhelmed by all the insanely complicated jargon that the so-called “gurus” throw around. It doesn’t help that many of the gurus are more interested in looking smart than in helping you make more money in the stock market. It’s all part of their trick: They figure if they bamboozle you with a bunch of incomprehensible terminology, you’ll be impressed, and buy their products. Unfortunately, many of these products don’t really help people at all, and it’s just money in the “guru’s” pocket.

I started this site for people who are tired of hearing about Fibonacci retracements, Elliott Waves, MACD histograms, bull traps, bear traps, Bollinger bands and stochastics. Maybe there’s something to some of those indicators, but I don’t know and I don’t really have time to find out. Countless individual investors have made plenty of money in the stock market by just using the most simple of all technical indicators: Price and volume bars.

Here’s a quote I love from famed investor Dennis Gartman:

Keep your technical systems simple.

The greatest traders/investors we’ve had the honor to know over the years continue to employ the simplest trading schemes. They draw simple trend lines, they see and act on simple technical signals, they react swiftly, and they attribute it to their knowledge gained over the years that complexity is the home of the young and untested.

I completely agree with Gartman. I founded Stock Chart Reader to show youxxxxxx

But with the help of some very patient friends, I eventually was able to master a chart-reading system.

I went on to work with investors individually, answering their questions, teaching large groups and leading Webinars. I was working for other people, using methods that were proven to work. And my lawyer won’t let me name the big investing companies I worked for (instead, I’ll just describe it like a “Wheel of Fortune” contestant would), but you’d recognize the names.

As I was helping individual investors, I kept seeing, over and over again, that people remained very confused about stock charts and technical analysis. And that makes sense, because most people weren’t spending all day immersed in the investing world, like I was.

A Simpler, More Realistic Approach

So I became determined to do something different, designed to help real people, not geeks or people with unlimited time to study stock charts. (Actually, I don’t know many people who have “unlimited time” for their investing – but some systems act like you do.)

And just so we’re clear, Stock Chart Reader is something I’m doing on my own time. Over the past 15 years that I’ve been investing and teaching investing, I’ve been successful in the stock market by understanding what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell.

This site isn’t sponsored by anyone else, so I’m not obligated to teach anything that doesn’t work or that is too difficult to use effectively.

What investors really need and want is simple, straightforward, actionable stock market information that’s fast and easy to use. Information that doesn’t require more study – which busy people don’t have time for, anyway. So we’ll show you how valuable charting can be, to spot buy points and sell signals, but we won’t bamboozle you with B.S. And we won’t assume you want to spend every evening for the rest of your life studying, either! We’ll just offer you market courses that add real value to your investing.

I never intended to create a simpler technical analysis course – but over the years, I just became increasingly frustrated watching so many people become confused, misled, overwhelmed and exhausted by information that’s either plain wrong or just too burdensome for them to really use.

So welcome to Stock Chart Reader, designed with real people in mind.